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Eight Reasons You Need an Email List

If you don’t have an email list, then you need to get started building one. Your email list is the best way to keep in contact with your customers and to help prospects learn more about you. With an email list, you can build a real business online. Here are some of the reasons why.

1. You Own the List

When you build an audience on other mediums like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and so forth, you do not own these audiences – the platform does. Look what happened to the well-loved live talk radio site recently. Many people who solely relied on this free service ended up without a business, overnight.

2. You Can Give Yourself a Raise

When you have a well-maintained and active email list full of targeted customers, you can literally give yourself a raise whenever you want to by simply sending out an email sharing something that worked for you or that you created that will help them.

3. It’s a Great Way to Build Relationships

Six Important Reasons to Redesign Your Website

Nowadays, it's extremely important for any business to have a nice-looking, easy-to-use responsive website. Many people, while doing their research, check your company's online presence along with your competitors' before they call you or fill out a "request a quote" form.

Your company website is an essential element that users base their first impression on. And, if done right, it could be your 24/7 salesperson.

Many companies understand the importance of a user-friendly site and see the problems with their current one, but are still unsure about when to start the redesign process.

A website redesign always implies a lot of work. It doesn't matter if you do it yourself or hire a freelancer or agency to do it for you. A redesign not only involves time but also an allocated budget. The best part, though, is the excitement of having a brand-new online presence at the end of the process that you will be proud to show everyone.


11 reasons to choose Drupal instead of Wordpress


Drupal along with Wordpress are very popular content management systems (CMS) with open source code. Each of them has its own community, a huge number of free modules / plugins, themes and lots of ready-made solutions to create a fully functional website. Both CMSs are acknowledged to be one of the most popular engines in the world for the website development. Each of them has its own set of pros and cons, some of which will be described below.

1. Wordpress was originally developed as a system for creating and maintaining a blog, so Wordpress is tended to be used for adding / editing content. While with Drupal new flexible CMS can be created, and fully customized to suit specific needs of any user.

Chinese Keyboard Developer Spies on User Through Built-in Keylogger

A Chinese mechanical keyboard manufacturer MantisTek has been caught in the middle of a controversy in which it’s being blamed for spying on users through built-in keylogger in its GK2 model and sending the data to a server apparently hosted on Alibaba Cloud server.

The communication is happening over HTTP, not HTTPS which means the user data is being sent in completely unencrypted format and contains data collected through every keystroke a user presses. This means the company has access to everything user types but what’s important is that it also opens the door for other malicious actors who can access the unencrypted traffic and steal the data or spy on a targeted user.

VerticalScope hacked again; 2.7 million user accounts affected

In June 2016 we reported that the well-known Toronto, Canada-based Internet Media firm VerticalScope became a victim of a huge data breach, but the firm chose to keep this information secret from users instead of asking them to change their passwords.

The breach was identified by now closed Leaked Source platform, and that’s how the entire hacking and data breach fiasco came to the limelight, and in June 2016 the firm admitted about the data breach in which 45 million user accounts got compromised.

User claims Facebook employees went through his file sent in private chat

It is a well-known fact that Facebook, the social media giant has access to user data since it’s part of their advertising and marketing policies. But how do they collect this data or keep an eye on it? Well, it seems like it’s done both automatically using algorithm and manually in which Facebook moderators get their hands on the data.

Researcher Identifies Bugs in Google’ Bug Tracker Program

A security researcher has identified bugs in Google’s bug tracker platform Issue Tracker. It is indeed ironic that the software intended to deal with unpatched vulnerabilities and bugs during product development itself is loaded with bugs through which the researcher managed to access sensitive internal systems of Google.

Issue Tracker program is to be used by external public and partner users who work with Google’s team on different projects. This program gives access control permissions to users so that they could find, create, view and modify issues for any project.

Three Monero Mining Malware Apps Found on Play Store

Hackers, website owners or even cybercriminals are finding new ways to use cryptocurrency miners to make easy money by using CPU of unsuspecting users. Last week, it was reported that two cryptocurrency mining malware apps were targeting Android users and now, for the second time in a week researchers have discovered three more malware-infected apps on Google Play Store targeting users to generate Monero coins.

Malicious Chrome Extension Steals ‘All Posted Data’ without Login Credentials

The trend of spreading adware, banking Trojans and malicious malware through compromised or fake browser extensions seems to be increasing. Lately, there have been quite a few incidents where malicious extensions were used to spread malware. Cybercriminals are not leaving any stone unturned into hijacking add-ons from popular browsers such as Google Chrome to fulfill their nasty objectives.

Ships Are Vulnerable to Cyber Attacks Due To Maritime Platform Flaw

Previously it was reported that hackers can take over ships by exploiting critical vulnerabilities in VSAT communication system. Now, security consulting firm IOActive’s researchers have discovered that there are several vulnerabilities present in the platforms used by seaborne ships to access the internet. The bugs in the software can leak data from the sea and also can cause larger threats to the global maritime infrastructure.

In its report, IOActive explained about the two identified flaws in the AmosConnect 8 web platform, developed by Stratos Global to work in combination with satellite equipment. This particular platform is used by ships to track IT and navigation systems as well as to facilitate messaging, web browsing and emailing for on-board crew members.


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