How Non Profits use Websites

A strong online presence is one of the things that non-profits simply can’t do without. You need a great website to make your voice heard on the web. Even if you have little or no budget for a website, you can still create an effective site.

A powerful and meaningful online representation of your organization is simple to construct if you follow a few basic guidelines.

1. Make your organization’s mission statement visible on your homepage, centrally located, short and easy to understand.

2. Donating and volunteering should be straightforward to do, in as few clicks as possible, from every page on your site. Same goes for any action you want website visitor to take – participating, sign-up, downloading etc.

3. Make it easy for visitors to get in touch with your organization.

Non-profit sites that have beautiful graphics combined with easy functionality often capture the eyes and hearts of people.

Upload all available photos and videos that explain your mission in depth. It’s important to demonstrate how your organization is helping or who/what you are advocating. Donors want to know how their money is being spent, so try keep this as transparent as possible.

Promote your site in social media circles where you think your audience might gather. Add social media buttons to your website and encourage people to share it on their own channels.

“Selling” branded merchandise for donations is a highly popular and successful way to raise funds, so don’t shy away from that.

Encourage visitors to register their emails onsite so that they can receive newsletters, updates, on event info etc. and thereby gradually increase your membership.

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