Websites for School Systems

If you're a school administrator or you work for a college or university and you've been given the challenge of developing a new website, take heart...Louisville Web Group has the right solution for you. 

Louisville Web Group - our clients call us LWG - has experience building websites for schools. We've built websites for private schools, public schools, small colleges and large universities.

We have the right team already in place to accept any challenge and run with it all the way to the finish line. Sure, we know all the and sports schedules, calendars, special events, school apparel stores - you name it, we've done it.

Need something truly unique? We have a highly skilled team of programmers who are standing ready to answer the call and serve you whenever you're ready. We're structured and pay attention to detail. We undestand that there can be a lot of stakeholders in a educational environment and we have a rare ability to pull everyone onto the same page to ensure timely delivery of the finished product.

We don't do hundreds of school websites at the same time. We're not a mill. We focus on you and we build websites one at a time. We don't get involved with other parts of your public facing program unless you ask us. But if you do, we'll do it well. You deserve the care that LWG provides.

Most of our work is "white label", which means that we do much of our work for large agencies and, as such, we aren't able to show you most of our work. But here are two educational websites we've recently completed - DeSales High School and Cincinnati State Technical and Community College.

Check them out and call us if you'd like to talk! (502) 749-4131 or email us at


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