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PayPal boosts B2B ecommerce credentials

PayPal has entered into a global partnership with B2B ecommerce company Oro, an open-source business applications firm started in 2012 by founders and employees of Magento, the B2C ecommerce startup acquired by eBay a year earlier.

One of Oro’s core offerings is OroCommerce, which was officially unveiled a couple of months back to serve mid-size and large companies with a myriad of B2B ecommerce tools that make it easier to manage price-lists, customize catalogs, manage corporate accounts and relationships, and automate workflows.

With PayPal in tow, the duo have now created a “fully integrated payments solution” that enables Oro’s clients to provide their own customers with an easy way to pay for goods and services.

Courtesy of VentureBeats

Google Assistant may take some time to get to your Android

Excited to get Google Assistant on your Android phone? You might have to hang in there. While Google Assistant officially rolled out this week to phones beyond Google’s own Pixel, the company says it might take a few weeks to reach your device.


Google Assistant is Google’s new digital assistant to take on the likes of Siri. It allows you to easily speak what you want and get back answers. It’ll even have a conversation with you and complete some actions like movie ticket bookings, when all goes well. When it doesn’t go well, you might prefer to do a regular Google search.

Until this week, the only smartphones with Google Assistant were Google’s own Pixels. However, the company announced earlier this week that smartphones running Android 6 or Android 7 would get Google Assistant.

SEO Tips For Mobile App Developers

The core technique used in SEO is all about improving both related coding and content of the website to enhance its importance and visibility in organic searches by the search engines. Those websites acquire better rankings, and consistently get an increased number of visiting audience. 

Due to some recent developments on Google indexes and exhibition of mobile applications in organic search results, the applications can now show up in Google on the desktop or mobile search results for customers already searching for a brand.

Choose The Application’s Name Carefully

Ranking doesn't happen over night.

SEO is changing all the time, so it’s nearly impossible to stay on top of it entirely. When Google updates its algorithms, it seldom publicizes the juicy details of its updates. SEOs and other marketers are left to guess what will rank well now, just like ship captains are left to speculate about the true size of an iceberg when can only see the tip of it. That's why, following a new algorithm release, SEO specialists gather data from the changes in rankings from thousands of websites. This helps to determine what may have happened and why some sites improved in rankings visibility while others suffered. The data is then used this information to make educated decisions about what has changed and how to react.

Considering Drop Shipping for Ecommerce

Drop shipping is a fulfillment model wherein online retailers market products and take orders from shoppers, but third-party suppliers (drop shippers), which are often product distributors or brokers, fulfill those orders. The retailer does not inventory, handle, or ship any of the drop-shipped products.

1. Low Overhead Costs

When an online retailer employs drop shipping, overhead expenses can be very low.

There is no need to warehouse products. The business doesn’t need to carry inventory. For a very small ecommerce operation, this might mean that you won’t have to stack boxes in a storage unit or your garage. A mid-sized or larger ecommerce business might save thousands of dollars a month in warehouse lease payments and utility bills.

2. Scale Quickly

Allo Chat App and Virtual Assistant Coming to Desktop

Google’s messaging app Allo, along with its built-in virtual assistant, is coming to desktop. Until now there were no signs of Allo being anything more than a mobile app — but now we know it will soon be making an appearance on the big screen, so to speak.

Nick Fox, Google’s VP of Communications Products at Google, broke the news on Twitter that an Allo desktop client is currently in “early development”. 

There are only a couple of things we can learn from the early build of Google Allo on desktop at this point. It appears to be a Chrome app and not one that’s built specifically for either Windows or Desktop. It supports Google Assistant both in chats with friends and in direct chats with the bot itself.

Other than that there’s not much to be known about the desktop client at this point, not even a launch window. What has been known for some time is that Allo mobile app has struggled to catch on with the masses.

Content Drives E-Commerce

The "Reimagining Commerce" report found that 98% of consumers have been dissuaded from completing a purchase because of incomplete or incorrect content, with 32% of consumers being dissuaded every time. Further, 35% feel brands do a poor or very poor job of customizing the online shopping experience, with just 7% believing that brands do this very well.

The Episerver report also found many consumers expect personalized content as part of their online experience, with 59% reporting interest in personalization. According to Ed Kennedy, senior director of commerce at Episerver, while some brands are meeting online shoppers' expectations, many fail to personalize the experience in the way customers want.

9 Ways to mess up SEO

Being in SEO can either be a very short-term working relationship or a long-term working relationship. It all depends on how you handle it.

Whether you are an in-house SEO extraordinaire, a freelancer, or an agency owner, there are many pitfalls that can expedite your termination. 

You Are Bad at Reporting
You could be really great at your job… or you could be really bad. Without good SEO reporting, the client won’t know which you are.

If you are getting great results, you had better be reporting that back to your client. And if they have no idea what a backlink is or what keyword ranking means, you need to sit down with them and make sure they understand.

Whether you are a freelancer, in-house SEO, or an agency, take the time to explain what SEO is, your tactics, and how it is positively impacting their business.

Google says Goodbye to Google Site Search

Google has confirmed with Search Engine Land that they are discontinuing support for the Google Site Search product. Google Site Search is a paid product that lets you power your internal website’s search engine based on the Google search technology. Google charges based on monthly query volume for the product.

Google said they are directing those consumers to either the ad-powered product named free custom search engine or the new cloud search product.

Google will stop fully supporting the Google Site Search product by the fourth quarter of 2017.

Courtesy of SearchEngineLand

SEO Can Improve Your Customer Experience

Your customers will often turn to search engines to figure out how to use your products and solve product problems. By creating content that addresses such concerns, you can turn SEO into a powerful customer service tactic.

Consider mapping out the customer journey and identifying potential issues and concerns in each stage. Next, create relevant content for each stage focused on answering customer queries.

Discovery stage: Highlight product features, benefits, and case studies.
Consideration stage: Focus on product comparisons, in-depth whitepapers, product guides, and testimonials.
Decision stage: Focus on pricing pages, reviews, buying guides and deals.
Service stage: Highlight FAQs, support pages, user guides, etc.
By creating and optimizing content for each stage in the journey, you’ll vastly improve customer experience.


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