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Louisville Web Group started as a graphic design company and we’ve never forgotten our roots and our focus on quality graphics that enhances user experience. Prospective customers get their first impression from your website's home page. It makes your first impression and that first impression has real staying power. Keep the odds on your side with a custom website design created by Lwebg.

Our web site design team specializes in creating stimulating artwork that inspires viewers and motivates them to become customers. The ability to accomplish that goal is dependent upon a number of factors, including:

  • Science. Research tells us that the human eye focuses on certain elements on a graphicly designed page. We know where his or her eyes go first and we understand how people perceive a page's contents so we can position the most critical parts of your message in those places. Science also tells us how color is received by certain people and how colors can influence opinions and affect buying decisions.
  • Education and experience. Our creative team is led by Sande Davis Rawlings. Sande has her Masters Degree in Business and her Bachelors Degree in graphic arts. She also has the experience our clients need, thanks to her 26 years management experience in creative services, advertising and marketing at Glenmore DIstilleries, now Diageo, and KFC Corporation. Sande has earned a nationwide reputation for her high quality work - she has designed dozens of websites, developed Point of Sale and packaging materials, supervised the creation of a number of national branding programs both in the restaurant and beverage industries.

Louisville Web Group's Creative Process has evolved from our extensive industry experience and it has a record of proven success. 

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