Charlestown Road Church of Christ

We, at the Charlestown Road congregation, are going a different direction. Instead of moving ever forward, adapting new ideas and a changing theology, we are interested in going backward to the way God designed the church. We feel it is time for the church to once again be a church. LWebG built this website in Drupal 7 because of its unmatched ability to handle heavy traffic loads; because of its scalability; and because of Drupal's ability to be video-friendly.

Charlestown Road Church used Lwebg to develop their Drupal website
Charlestown Road Church Responsive Views
What We Did: 
Custom Responsive Design and Drupal Theme
Member only section with directory
Created a system to store and retrieve sermon and blog archives
In the first month, they had at least four people come to visit as a result of their website. They repeatedly receive compliments on the looks and design.

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